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Photo Gallery

with Midori Ono (Hammond B3)

with John R. Burr (Grammy-Nominated Pianist), John Wiitala (International Bassist) and Akira Tana (International Drummer).   Silicon Valley, California, USA    July, 2017

with Shawn Williams (Former Glenn Miller Orchestra 3rd/Jazz Trumpet Chair), Murray Low (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Pianist) and Peter Barshay (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Bassist)

with Mimi Fox (performed with Stevie Wonder, Paul Gilbert and more!)

with Adam Shulman

w/ Peppe Merolla (Drums), Mads Tolling (Violin, Multiple Grammy Winner),

Josha Thurston-Milgrom (Bass), Kevin McCullough (Piano)

with Murray Low (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Pianist)

with Larry Chinn (Pianist at Stanford Jazz), John Wiitala (Bassist at Stanford Jazz),

Vince Lateano (Grammy-Winning Drummer), Mads Tolling (Grammy-Winning Violinist)

with Lorenzo Farrell (Organ), Leon Joyce Jr (Drums)

and Masaru Koga (Shakuhachi, Sax, Flute, etc.)

with Mads Tolling (Multiple Grammy-Winning Violinist)

with Murray Low (Grammy-Nominated Pianist)

with John R. Burr (Grammy-Nominated Pianist), Robb Fisher (Grammy-Winning Bassist) and Leon Joyce Jr. (Former US Marine Corps.)

with Wayne De La Cruz (Hammond B3)

and Akira Tana (Drums)

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with Mimi Fox (performed with Stevie Wonder, Paul Gilbert and more!)

with Robb Fisher (Grammy-Winning Bassist)

and Mark Levine (Grammy-Winning Pianist)

with John R. Burr (Grammy-Nominated Pianist) and Jack J. Hanan (Bassist)

5th Anniversary Gig at the Hedley Club Lounge, Hotel De Anza, San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, USA  April, 2017

with Mark Levine (Grammy-Winning Pianist)

Miki - Jazz Vocalist


For Live Music Performance:

Miki  is available for public concerts, private and corporate events, weddings, festivals and other celebrations.  Miki  arranges the band with piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums and/or horns as you request.  ; )

For example,

          Duo: vocal + piano/key/organ/guitar

          Trio A: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass/horn/violin

          Trio B: vocal + organ + drums

          Quartet A: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass + drums/horn/violin

          Quartet B: vocal + organ + drums + horn/violin

          Quintet: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass + drums + horn/violin

For Singing-Based Accent Modification by MikiMel Method®:

Miki  holds Accent Modification workshop for non-native English-speaking adults using her original approaches with vocal jazz techniques, called MikiMel Method®.  For more details, please contact Miki. ; ) 

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