Miki - Jazz Vocalist

with John R. Burr (Grammy-Nominated Pianist), John Wiitala (International Bassist) and Akira Tana (International Drummer).   Silicon Valley, California, USA    July, 2017

with Shawn Williams (Former Glenn Miller Orchestra 3rd/Jazz Trumpet Chair), Murray Low (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Pianist) and Peter Barshay (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Bassist)

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with Murray Low (Multiple Grammy-Nominated Pianist)

with Robb Fisher (Grammy-Winning Bassist)

and Mark Levine (Grammy-Winning Pianist)

with John R. Burr (Grammy-Nominated Pianist) and Jack J. Hanan (Bassist)

5th Anniversary Gig at the Hedley Club Lounge, Hotel De Anza, San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, USA  April, 2017

with Lorenzo Farrell (Organ), Leon Joyce Jr (Drums)

and Masaru Koga (Shakuhachi, Sax, Flute, etc.)

with Mimi Fox (performed with Stevie Wonder, Paul Gilbert and more!)

with Adam Shulman

with Mark Levine (Grammy-Winning Pianist)

with Wayne De La Cruz (Hammond B3)

and Akira Tana (Drums)

Photo Gallery

with Midori Ono (Hammond B3)

with Larry Chinn (Pianist at Stanford Jazz), John Wiitala (Bassist at Stanford Jazz),

Vince Lateano (Grammy-Winning Drummer), Mads Tolling (Grammy-Winning Violinist)

w/ Peppe Merolla (Drums), Mads Tolling (Violin, Multiple Grammy Winner),

Josha Thurston-Milgrom (Bass), Kevin McCullough (Piano)

with Mads Tolling (Grammy-Winning Violinist)

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For Live Music Performance:

Mikiis available for public concerts, private and corporate events, weddings, festivals and other celebrations.  Mikiarranges the band with piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums and/or horns as you request.  ; )

For example,

          Duo: vocal + piano/key/organ/guitar

          Trio A: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass/horn/violin

          Trio B: vocal + organ + drums

          Quartet A: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass + drums/horn/violin

          Quartet B: vocal + organ + drums + horn/violin

          Quintet: vocal + piano/key/guitar + bass + drums + horn/violin

For Singing-Based Accent Modification by MikiMel Method®:

Miki holds Accent Modification workshop for non-native English-speaking adults using her original approaches with vocal jazz techniques, called MikiMel Method®.  For more details, please contact Miki. ; ) 

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